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Welcome to the PRESS ROOM !
Welcome to Press Room
The Perfect Accessory for Your iPad® !

News Release for Immediate Publication

Contact: Thomas J Huston
TomsThinkTank Shelby OH 44875

Your iPad Just Got A Whole Lot Easier To Use...

Say 'Aye' to the new iPad AyeFrame

SHELBY, Ohio – Aaargh! Are you tired of scrolling when you didn’t mean to scroll, or turning the page when you weren’t ready? Well, get a grip and grab hold of the new AyeFrame – designed exclusively for the iPad 1 and 2.

Inventor and artist Thomas J. Huston has been finding new ways to accommodate technology since the advent of computers. In 1968, Huston was in on the cutting edge of computer-generated art, and by the early 80s, he was creating the educational software systems that would later be used in classrooms throughout the world. Now, he’s engineered a Patent Pending design focused on holding an iPad safe and secure, while offering a mix of viewing and use options.

“I was working on writing apps for the new iPad and found it difficult to hold – every time I touched the side, I’d move the screen,” Huston said of his point of discovery. “I’ve been building picture frames for many years, so the idea came to me pretty quick. As the AyeFrame evolved, I found more and more uses for it – it can be held on your lap, hung on the wall, carried like a briefcase, and propped for presentations.”

Made of high density wood composite, the AyeFrame comes in four different styles. The LOOKER AyeFrame can be held up like a mirror or sign – using the front-facing camera, a person holding the LOOKER AyeFrame can even comb their hair! The MOVIE MAKER AyeFrame is specifically designed for making and viewing movies and slide shows – it can be held in the hands, propped on the lap, or mounted on the wall. The GRIPPER AyeFrame has a built in handle for ease of travel – the ultimate in security for mobilizing your iPad! The STANDARD AyeFrame can be held in the hands, turned any direction, or be mounted on the wall.

All AyeFrames are precision cut using the latest computer technology with smooth, beveled edges and home key and camera portholes. The sleek designs come in either a black or white professionally lacquered finish. Primed frames are also available for those who want to create their own color, theme or personalization.

AyeFrames are produced with quality American materials, by skilled American workers.

The bottom line?
The AyeFrame makes using your iPad more practical – a lot easier – and a whole lot more fun!

For more information, or to order your own AyeFrame, visit; contact Tom at 419-342-4485; or email him at


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